Everything from large roller luggage bags to pack down bags to money-belts – our range of luggage and travel accessories includes high quality gear that will get you to your destination and back, many times over. As well as being high quality and tough enough to handle your adventures (and being thrown around by the luggage handlers at airports), our range of luggage has many practical features to make your travels just that much easier. Some of our roller bags also have straps, so that they can easily be carried when needed, while several of our travel bags can pack down to a very small size, perfect for day adventures or when you are not sure of how many bags you will need.

TATONKA is a German company (primarily an outdoor brand) that has been manufacturing products ourselves in a fully transparent manner for over 30 years. We are the only outdoor manufacturer who can claim this. By producing our own products we can oversee the manufacturing process from start to finish and, if required, intervene to make any necessary changes and quickly drive new development.

We only use the best-quality materials from well-known sub-suppliers that we have worked with for years. That allows us to not only retain our high standards for quality but also jointly develop new materials. We insist on the best workmanship because when we put our name on a product, we want to be sure you can count on it.

A family-run business with its headquarters in Dasing, Germany, our facility there houses our development department, management and the European distribution warehouse. Our products are manufactured in our proprietary factories in Vietnam. Tatonka GmbH has roughly 1,000 employees worldwide.


Transparent manufacturing: Seeing it yourself creates trust

As a company, we take responsibility for our employees – in both Germany and Vietnam. In our Open Factory at Mountech Co. Ltd. in Ho Chi Minh City, anyone can have a look in person at the social accountability that we assume in terms of our employees in Vietnam. Once a week the factory doors are open for visitors. For more information about our Open Factory program go to openfactory.tatonka.com.